Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Gucci Home Decor Line- Elegant and unique

Gucci Home Decor Line- Elegant and unique finds

This month, Gucci launched a home decor line (yes, thank you)! This home decor line includes candles, pillows, wallpaper, and even furniture, among other things.  What a way to say that your home is your castle, and for that you will gift it some power fashion house finds!
Here are a few of my favorite items...
Gucci Bee Incense Burner
Now that's a way to burn incense in an Elegant and chic way!

This hand and ring candle speaks of the power of suggestion...

Gucci hand and ring candle

Gucci's king snake tray is a stunning piece for sure!
Gucci king snake oval metal tray
 It exemplifies the Gucci boldness! Enjoy as you view the entire line of Gucci Home Decor!


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